Swami Aagmanand


According to the English Calender Paramhans Swami Aagmanand was born at 12 p.m on 27th March 1969.Swamiji was born on sanwat 2026 Chaitra Shukla Navmi according to the hindi calender.Swamiji was born at Bhagalpur-District, Bihar.

Swamiji’s mothers name is Mrs. Radha Devi and father’s name was Yadunandan Pandey who was a Teacher by Profession. Swamiji has two younger brother’s named as Lakshman Kr. Pandey & Shanker Kumar Pandey and one younger sister named Rajnigandha Devi.

Swamiji’s elder Grandfather’s name was Mohilal Pandey and Younger Grandfather’s name was Viranchi Pandey and both were Teachers by Profession.His Maternal Grandfather’s name was Shivnandan.SWamiji’s uncle’s name was Kamal Narayan Pandey who was Chief Chemist by profession and his aunty’s name is Mrs. Sindhu Devi.

He was named as RAMCHANDRA by both the grandfathers because he came on this planet on Ramnavami (Holy festival of Hindu) . At the time of birth the nature and symptom was just similar to God RAM of Ramayan . This was the main reason of his nomenclature as Ramchandra or Ramu.


Primary: Mother is his first Guru or teacher. Younger grandfather guided him upto primary school. He has completed class 1 to 8th from Govt. middle school Nagrah and always stood first. He has completed his 9th and 10th (Matriculation) from. N. K. High School Nagrah.
College: His father was of the opinion that his son should be admitted in any famous Indian universities like Viswa Bharti Shantiniketan West Bengal , JNU(Jawaharlal Nehru university, New Delhi ), BHU (Banaras Hindu University) Varanasi, UP and others. He told his son (Ramu) RAMCHANDRA to face the competition for the admission in time. However, his mind was diverted to the Adhyatma, Puja path, Japa, Dhyan, Yoga, Dharma, and all the fields related to the religious Indian Sanatan Dharma system. After passing his matriculation he was admitted to I.A . (Intermediate Arts) in Gajadhar Bhagat College, Naugachia just 5-6 km far from Nagrah. After long discussion with his father he took admition and completed I.A. and B.A. from this college and Hindi Hons from J. P. College, Narayanpur.
Higher Education: After completion of B.A. Hindi Hons, again he has decided to further and his father again requested for admition in any renowned university for Master degree (MA). He has completed his Master degree (MA) from University dept of Hindi, Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur . He has enrolled for his Ph.D. but could not complet due to affection towards Adhyatma. Moreover he has guided a number of Ph.D. students.

Childhood and Diversion towards the Adhyatma

Swami ji is a Genius since his childhood. He always used to pease his surroundings, friend and neighbors. Due to keen interest in Mathematics his younger grandfather used to call him ‘Aryabhatta’. Beside school syllabus he was very much interested
in religious activities so people used to call him as ‘MAHATMA JI’. All the members of his family used to tell him to join any service for earning but he always ignored. He has visited all the famous Indian religious places (Dharmic Jagah) during his student life as it was not easy due to economic challanges. He helped the poor and a number of exploited people. He was interested in all the three wings of Sanatan Dharma i.e. Vaidik, Tantrik and Mixed. Beside these he also spent his time in Kirtan and Bhajans. There was no affection for earning of money.

Gradually this process went going ahead and untill 1993 and became an indispensible part of the society in organizing any religious talk, kirtan and religious activities, this process continued upto 2005. During this period he was regularly going to the Mahashamashani Kali Mandir , Nagrah Baisi for continuous worship as it was deserted after evening. In 2006 he established a Kali mandir by impressing a follower (Bhakta) in Balia Belon, Salmari, Barsoi, Katihar. At first in 2007 he released his spiritual talk on Srimadbhagwada Katha. After this very first spiritual lecture he continued this on several topics of Sri Ram katha, Shakticharit, Shivcharit and many other related talks on other Gods and Goddesses. Generally his pravachans continue for very long period i.e. from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM and again from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM. During this period a large number of teachers , professors, pundits, advocates, scientists, social workers, businessmen, farmers, politicians and the people of all sectors are attracted continuously. He has established and renovated a number of temples and statues. He has published a number of aricles in many books journals and other original edited volumes.